Not Just Another Brewery

Between the ballpark and the beach, Civil Society Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery located in Jupiter, Florida.

With an industrial taproom onsite, visitors get a front row seat to our brewhouse, where we celebrate our craft, heritage, innovative spirit and dedication to making great beer.



Home is Where the Hop Is

Through the stainless steel tanks, exposed concrete and the graffiti, what stands out (besides the beer) is the gorgeous green hoplight hanging above the brew deck, a reminder of the importance of the craft at hand.

Built on strong heritage and traditions, even the fermenting tanks are named after family members. Bill and Harriet are Chris and Karl’s grandparents, Horace and Ethel are Evan’s Grandparents, and the new ones are named after Karl’s parents, Chris’s parents, and Evan’s mother.


1200 Town Center Dr Unit 101, Jupiter, Florida
Tue - Thu: 3pm - 11pm
Fri - Sun: 12pm - 11pm
Mon: Closed
(561) 855-6680

As long you keep drinking them,
we’ll keep making them.